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This is the forum where you can both post stories/poetry of your own, and read stories and poetry of other talented writers.

1. you must reply to as many posts as possible... this is for creative critisism... don't be mean, but don't just say good job. Give a it of advise if you can. If you have no advise, say one thing that you liked about what you read. Be specific.
2. You do not have to post anything of your own. If you are uncomfortable posting something of your own, it isnt required that you ever do so. But feel free to post whatever you like, as long as it is either a story or poetry.
3. Have fun with this. I may start contests and such about who has the best character, best plot, best prose, etc. with prizes!!! These contests will be announced before hand, and anything you post or have posted prior to that is up for consideration. Did i mention there will be prizes? The winners of each catogory will be decided by a group vote to make everything fair. Any ideas can be sent to the email address.