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Before I could open my mouth, she screamed. I wanted to crawl over to her, but she was too far away from me. I watch, anger boiling deep beneath my skin, as he puts his arm around her shoulder. She falls into his open arms, burying her face into his broad shoulder. Caressing her hair as he whispers soothingly into her ear, her shaking stops.
I fight the tears that threaten to escape my eyes, but the urge is too strong. I flee to the bathroom, lock the door, and turn to face my reflection. The visage that stares back at me is barely recognizable. The bright yellow hair and the dark green eyes belong to a stranger. My eyes redden as the tears streak down my cheeks. It isn’t fair to love someone who will never love you back.
I slam my fist down. The anger never simmers and my desire is never sated. The thought of her hair slipping through my fingers, and her lips brushing against mine, leaves me awake for hours. And those huge blue eyes, eyes that could melt the ice off my frozen heart, haunt my waking hours. I can hear her laugh, like music to the ears of a blind man, finally able to truly feel.
But alas I do not have her love.
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